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VENDORS - If you were at the 2013 Otsego County Fair,  you can submit your application with your deposit.  

NEW VENDORS: Your application will be reviewed and signed and returned to you, if you have been accepted.  The deposit can be mailed after you receive a signed application.


DATES:  August 19-23, 2014
HOURS:  11:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M.
CHECK-IN:  9:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. Sunday, August 17 & Monday, August 18 or by PRIOR arrangements.
QUESTIONS:  Call 989.732.3811 or email otsegofair@otsegocountyfairgrounds.org
Check in at the Fair Office, 124 Shipp Street or call Denise 989.619.0156 when you get to the grounds.
The Outdoor Vendor Chairperson or his/her designee will assign locations according to seniority and products sold, contracts and payments returned by due date and show you your location and power/water source.  Camping information will be given to those requesting camping at setup.  Vendor gate passes will be given to you before Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.  You will need your pass to get in the gates and if you do not have your pass you will pay to get in the gate.  You MUST be set up no later than Tuesday at 11:00 A.M. and you are encouraged to open at 11:00 a.m., even though the Carnival doesn't open until 5:00 p.m., gates open at 11:00 a.m. and we have many events starting at noonto kick off the week.
Non-Food Space $10.00 per front foot, (5 foot increments, minimum 10 foot), 4 weekly vendor passes included
Non-Food Trash Fee $25.00, all non-food vendors must pay the trash fee
Food Space $15.00 per front foot (5 foot increments, minimum 10 foot), 4 weekly gate passes included
Food Trash Fee $25.00, all food vendors must pay the trash fee
Camping $75.00 includes water and electric, limited power, no air conditioners
Cars are not permitted in concession area; you will be informed of parking area
Stock Truck $25.00 (may or may not be near space)
Power ($50.00 - 20amp, 110 volt plug) - ($125.00 - 50 amp, 220 volt plug)
Weekly Vendor Gate Passes:  $7.00 each, after Monday, August 18, 2014 $10.00 each
This contract is made subject to the following provisions.
No other use than that specified may be made of the space and no other products than those specified may be exhibited, except by conssent of the Outdoor Vendor Chairperson or his/her designee.
Should the exhibitor fail to observe the terms of this contract, the Fair may at their election, declare all rights hereunder at the end and shall not be obligated to refund any sum therefore paid by the exhibitor.  In such an event the exhibitor may be immediately removed from the grounds without notice.  Should the exhibitor fail to use the allotted space, no refund will be made on any advance payment.
The Fair shall have a possessor lien on any property the exhibitor has to satisfy liabilities of the exhibitor to the Otsego County Fair.  The lein may be prefected by the salee in like manner as sheriff's sales are held.
Rights under this contract may not be assigned, sold, transferred, pledged or otherwise hypothecated.  The exhibitor may not sublease any portion of the space or the use of said space, which is leased to him/her.
The exhibitor as part of the consideration of this contract waives any claim of damages or liability against the Otsego County Fair Association, Board of Directors, agents and employees will hold harmless from loss or liability arising on account of acts of omission of the exhibitor.
The exhibitor certifies that they have one million in liabilty insurance.  Exhibitor agrees to have the Otsego County Fair Association named as an additional insured and to furnish proof thereof to the Otsego County Fair before or by the first day of said Fair dates.  Exhibitors that do not provide proof of insurance will not open booth until proof of insurance is provided.
The exhibitor also agrees to the general regulations set forth within this document.
We reserve the right to read amps you are drawing and adjust the fee accordingly.
A fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2A: 10BC is required in all food concession trailers.  A basic fire extingusiher is encouraged on all non-food concessions.
A K-CLASS fire extingusiher shall be installed in all concession trailers that are cooking and producing grease laden vapors.
Fire extingusihers shall be secured, unobstructed and marked with approval signs. Fire extinguishers shall have a valid inspection tag within one year by a qualified inspector.
All fire suppression systems for cooking hoods shall have a valid inspection tag within the last 6 months by a qualified inspector.
The use of turkey fryers and other open kettle fryers are prohibited in concession area, unless equipment is UL listed and pre-approved.
All LP gas cylinders shall be secured at all times with a chain or other approved method, away from egress door.
Trip hazzards shall be prevented by the use of rubber mats.
All power and extension cords shall be protected from damage and not buried underground. All power and extension cords shall be grounded and listed. Damaged and modified power and extension cords are not permitted.  NO electrical hook ups shall be hand wired directly into the breaker box.
Cube taps and power strips shall not be premitted unless equipped with circuit breaker protection.
All other electrical devises must comply with the International Code.
All combustible waste and clutter is not permitted in the concession area or behind the concessions.
All trash must be out for pickup no later than 11:30 P.M. or you will be responsible to transport trash to the nearest dumpster, if we have remove your trash, there will be a trash removal charge of $10.00 per incident, in addition to your standard trash charge.
Vendors with special needs (handicapped, etc.), please note on contract.
Vendors and their employees will not permit or engage in any activity that has potential harm to the health, safety and welfare of all the people attending the Fair and will not permit or engage in any illegal activity on the fairgrounds.
Vendors and their employees will not create any unreasonable noise condition which is caused by P.A. systems, musical equipment, radios, television sets, musical instruments or other similar equipment.
Vendors and their employees hereby waive any and all claims against the Otsego County Fair Association, Doard of Directors, sponsors or representatives for any loss, theft and property damage or personal injury.  Vendor assumes full and complete responsibility for any damage that may occur when moving material in and out of the fairgrounds.
Vendor is responsible for getting all the proper permits, if applicable and must provide their own equipment (extension cords, tents, etc.).
NO EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS........No vendor will be allowed to sell merchandise outside of their vendor area.
Otsego County Fair Board reserves the right to deny access to any vendor not meeting the values and expectations of the Otsego County Fair and to limit or prohibit items sold.  No guns, knives, smut, etc.
Deposits of 1/2 total due and a signed contract must be in the Fair's Office no later that June 1st.  Deposit is non-refundable.  Remainder of balance is due by July 15th.  NO checks will be accepted 30 days prior to Fair, money order or cash ONLY.  If you are unable to make the deposit at this time or the July 15th balance due payment, contact Denise (989.619.0156) to make other arrangements.  Food vendors will need proof of liability insurance for one million dollars and listing Otsego County Fair Association as additional insured and MUST be in the Fair Office before concession is allowed to open.  Locations will be determined by seniority, products sold, contracts and payments returned by due date.
Vendor will be issued 4 vendor passes.  Additional vendor passes can be purchased in advance for $7.00 per person.  Additional vendor passes requested after Monday of Fair week will be $10.00 each.  Please plan accordingly and request passes before Tuesday.  You must have a gate pass for every person in your car including the driver.
Camping means you are staying overnight on the fairgrounds, including staying on your vendor area.
Vendors camping will be given 2 vehicle passes.  No more than two vehicles allowed per campsite.  The parking passes must be displayed from your rear view mirror.  You will not be allowed to enter the campground with a vehicle that does not have a parking pass.  You must be able to park two vehicles on your site, not on the roadway or in the fire lanes; if you are unable to get two vehicles on your site you must find an alternate place to park.
Limited power, no air conditioners.
All campers are responsible for their trash.  Trash MUST be taken to the dumpster daily.  Trashcan liners will be provided.
NO alterations to campsites with permission from the camping chairperson.
CAMPFIRE'S MUST be elevated and protected.  Do not empty your campfires on the ground; dispose of properly.  NO GROUND FIRES.
No concession booth shall be dismissed before 11:00 P.M. on Saturday, August 23, 2014, without prior approval from the Outdoor Vendor Chairperson or his/her designee.
Vendors near show arena or others that get "BLOCKED IN" or "STAND ALONE", once you are in your location, you will not be able to drive in and out.  Please park the vehicle you plan to drive throughout the week in the North parking lot.
Grease not properly disposed of will be accessed a $20.00 disposal fee.  Check with the Outdoor Vendor Chairperson or his/her designee to properly dispose of your grease.
You will not be allowed to drive through the main entrance during the day and in to the evening.  Our paying guests do not need to move of the walkway for a car!  Go early in the morning or at night after closing, if possible.

Print Outdoor Vendor Contract/Application

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