2014-15 Otsego County Fair

Board of Directors

The Otsego County Fair has been in existence since 1881, making the Fair 134 years old this year.  The Fair is a family oriented organization.  Our Board of Directors consists of 15 volunteers, each serving in a different capacity to help keep activities running smoothly. 
Shawn O'Dell, President
Andy Kujawa, Vice President
Denise Gapinski, Manager/Treasurer Exec
Casey Butler, Secretary
Brian Beckley, Director
Tom Cook, Director
Gary Gehringer, Sr., Director
Amanda Greenman, Director
Pam Gregory, Director
Bobby Holzschu, Director
Nadia Kidder, Director
Darryl Pollaski, Director
Cyn Prusakiewicz, Director
Dustin Robinson, Director
Jenny Sewell, Director

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